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OMNICHANNEL RETAILING. The Impact For UK Retailers. Research by Deloitte

The Omnichannel Opportunity

Unlocking the power of the connected customer


eBay has commissioned Deloitte to examine the impact of omnichannel retailing. Taking account of the views of leading UK and European retailers, econometric analysis and consumer research, this report informs retailers of the UK and international opportunity and the benefits of an omnichannel strategy.
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Strategies For Success

Discover effective strategies to capture the omnichannel opportunity, including the role a presence on eBay can play in achieving additional sales.
Report findings reveal for leading fashion retailers selling through multiple channels:

  • 95 % of non-store dress sales are incremental to store sales
  • A presence on online marketplaces contributes to the growth of offline retail sales

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The Omnichannel Consumer

The research shows that frequent shoppers and those planning high-value purchases are more likely to be omnichannel consumers

  • Up to 63% of shoppers use multiple channels for purchases of
    over £100
  • ‘Frequent shoppers’ account for 70% of total retail spend

Find out more about the buying behaviour of the connected consumer

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International Growth

Omnichannel retailing gives access to new markets and internationally connected customers

  • Cross border trade in the six largest EU markets is set to triple within the next four years
  • Cross border growth through online and mobile platforms is technology led
  • 20 % of eBay’s marketplaces business is already cross border
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